Friday, July 17, 2015

gvSIG CE  and Survey2GIS joined this year's OSGeo-Park at AGIT 2015 where many interested visitors dipped into the latest trends in free and open source GIS software (FOSSGIS). Coming from all backgrounds people highly appreciated the friendly co-presenting of FOSSGIS-projects as well as participating in workshops. The Survey2GIS hands-on introduction attracted a good number of interested people despite some impressive outdoor UAV demonstration.
Using free and open source software including Survey2GIS and gvSIG CE in archaeological excavation activities and heritage conservation has been a well regarded topic at the special forum "Archäologie und GIS".
The Open Source Day at the Expo Forum on Friday yielded lively and fruitful discussions among FOSSGIS experts from all projects and users of all stripes.
Still, future efforts have to be made in disseminating the benefits of FOSSGIS in general besides promoting individual projects. The best place to do so is next year's co-conference of FOSSGIS and AGIT in Salzburg. See you there!

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