Thursday, December 29, 2011

SEXTANTE article in GEO Informatics

SEXTANTE a free Java Library for Geospatial Analysis:
Authors: Ruth Schönbuchner, José Canalejo, Victor Olaya, Juan Carlos Gimenez
Geo Informatics, 8 December 2011 Volume 14 - ISSN 13870858

SEXTANTE  is a free library for Geospatial Analysis that includes a large set of geoprocessing tools. It contains more than three hundred algorithms for both raster and vector data processing. For most of them, contextual help has been prepared, which provides insight into the functionality of the tool.
In the current version of SEXTANTE it is possible to use an interface to the free software GRASS GIS and SAGA. Since august 2011 SEXTANTE can be also integrated into ArcGIS.
SEXTANTE can be improved by programmers to incorporate analysis functionalities into their software.
Although many innovations have been realized, the SEXTANTE project team members continue with new interesting ideas such as the integration of R, the powerful statistical software, into SEXTANTE.
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