Tuesday, May 20, 2014

gvSIG CE beta to be released soon

Dear All,
we are set to release a new version of gvSIG CE by the end of this month. Most probably, this will be a beta version, hopefully leading to a release candidate and then a final version soon.
A (draft) release announcement with some of the exciting new features can be found here.

One of the biggest changes will be a complete renovation of the main menu. Icons and menu items will no longer be hidden, everything has been re-organised to be more intuitive and we will provide a new set of clearer, larger and more consistent icons.

Here is the problem: The new menu system includes hundreds of new GUI strings (the names of menu items and toolbar icons,tooltips, etc). So far, these have been translated to English and German, but we lack translations to the other (still) supported languages: French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

So: If you speak any of these languages and would like to contribute a few hours of your time to this project, let us know so via the users mailing list. Maybe we can make all translations available in time for the beta release.

Benjamin Ducke

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