Monday, May 20, 2013

4 developers more with write access to our SVN

Dear all,
if you haven't followed the gvSIG CE developer list, maybe you don't know that we have now 4 new developers with write access to our SVN. All of them are well known FOSSGIS developers:

- Victor Gonzalez is a Computer Engineer by the Valencia Politechnical University. Victor was awarded with the 52º North Student Innovation Prize in 2009 with the project “SQL Script Profile for 52°North WPS-T”. He has participated in projects like GearScape, GGL, or gvSIG. He is making an amazing work in gvSIG CE since more than one year developing new functionalities, hunting bugs, working on the integration of GeoTools in gvSIG CE, getting the code base into better shape, etc.:
- Export map layouts to raster formats
- Geotools integration methodology
- clean-up work

- Jorge Arévalo is a Computer Engineer by Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, UAM. He has been collaborating with PostGIS and GDAL creating the PostGIS Raster GDAL driver. He has been solving some GDAL related open cases. gvSIG CE has now an amazingly good GDAL drivers support.

- Micho Garcia studied Ocean Sciences at the Vigo University, and has devoted his professional live to GIS development. He has been updating the EPSG database

- Francisco Puga is an ICT engineer by formal training and has participated in several NGOs related to technology, development and free software. He has sent us some patches for the java version of SEXTANTE:
- Models are not loaded by means of the "load button" in the settings
- GridCalculator does not work with models in batch mode
- Error in sextante.history file prevent use the toolbox

We really appreciate the work you are doing.
See you soon
Jose Canalejo

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