Wednesday, October 24, 2012

gvSIG CE code sprint summary

The first gvSIG CE Code sprint took place from Monday October 15th to Friday October 19th 2012 in Munich. 100% of the cost of this code sprint have been covered by ArchIV, Benjamin Ducke, CSGIS, Cartolab and It has been a very intensive and productive week with these participants:

Benjamin Ducke <benducke[at]>
Fernando González <fernando.gonzalez[at]>
Ruth Schönbuchner <ruth.schoenbuchner[at]>
Johannes Valenta <office[at]>
Jose Canalejo <jose.canalejo[at]>
Víctor González <victor.gonzalez[at]>
Francisco Puga <fpuga[at]>

Benjamin Ducke worked on the integration of GRASS GIS in SEXTANTE 1.0 and managed the gvSIG CE release plan. The next release will be a beta release for gvSIG CE 1.0. We plan to release the first beta version of gvSIG CE 1.0 in November 2012 and the final version 1.0 before the end of that year. It will feature many bug fixes, user interface improvements, and some new/updated extensions (most importantly, a new version of SEXTANTE, OpenCAD and NavTable).

Fernando and Victor Gonzalez were examining a possible Integration of Geotools in gvSIG CE. This is a very important task for gvSIG CE because it will improve hugely the development of gvSIG CE. At this point we would like to say a big thank you! They have invested several days on this work without any sponsor. The first results allow us to estimate a roadmap and evaluate next steps. Surely more investigation and testing will be needed.

Francisco Puga helped us accomplishing the best integration of OpenCadTools and Navtable in gvSIG CE and he also discussed the integration of geotools into the official gvSIG as this task could be also important for the gvSIG development.

Ruth Schönbuchner, Johannes Valenta and José Canalejo were working on updating the project documentation. The website has been updated, a gvSIG CE Quickstart based on OADE Quickstart has been put online. An example project with sample data will be part of the next CE 1.0.

The code sprint is a great opportunity to make decisions about the future of the project. It has been a very good experience for all of us. We are looking forward to the next code sprint! If you like to discuss next steps of the project we would like to hear from you (e.g. add a location for the next code sprint: Toulouse, Girona, Berlin, ?). Join our community list or follow us at twitter.

We're grateful to all the developers for their awesome engagement! See you soon and thank you very much to all participants!

The gvSIG CE Team


  1. Great work guys, and remember if you need fixes in geotools to make this easier as you go to talk to the GeoTools team.

    As an example some of your CoordinateReferenceSystem adapting utility methods can go into the CRS class, or DataStore adapting code into DataUtilities.

    These general facade classes are there to assist "downstream" projects with integration.

    Finally please be aware of my current work on FeatureCollection - it is an API change to clear out the deprecate methods.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks a lot for the tips and the help. There is still a lot of work to do with the refactoring and more utility stuff may appear. But once the result is more stable and we get a better view of the whole picture, we will try to contribute whatever we can to GeoTools. That is one of the key points of this work, definitely.

    Also, we will take a closer look into the FeatureCollection API and, if we have any further doubt or suggestion, we will ask on the mailing lists. Thanks again!