Tuesday, September 4, 2012

gvSIG CE Code Sprint 2012

The first gvSIG CE  Code sprint is planned for Monday October 15th to October 19th 2012 in Munich.
If you are interested in improving any aspects of gvSIG CE development as a documenter, coder, or tester we'd love to have you here even if you can't attend all days. There's something for everyone at this event.
We're particularly looking forward to talking with folks working on GRASS GIS, SAGA, SEXTANTE and Geotools.
Join the gvSIG CE Code sprint and contribute in any way you like. If you are interested in our hack fest, please sign up to our community mailing list. Once there, please introduce yourself and tell us what you are interested in.
More information about this event is available here: http://gvsigce.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/GvSIG_CE_Code_Sprint_in_Munich
Please do not hesitate to redistribute this announcement in your respective channels.

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