Sunday, October 30, 2011

gvSIG Community Edition TECHNOLOGY PREVIEW available for testing

An early preview of the upcoming gvSIG Community Edition 1.0 is available for download here.
It is not intended for use in a production environment. We expect that there are still missing features in this release. In particular, the following features are NOT YET included:
  • updated 32/64 bit binaries (raster drivers)
  • GRASS and SAGA GIS binaries (via SEXTANTE)
  • third-party extensions (e.g. OpenCAD, NavTable)
  • the new extensions manager tool
We have included a SEXTANTE snapshot from 08/28/2011. Functionalities of GRASS GIS and SAGA can be added to the SEXTANTE Toolbox following the instructions of this document. You will see all the available raster- and vector tools from SEXTANTE, SAGA, GRASS GIS and gvSIG CE which all together are currently 760 algorithms.
A continuously updated release announcement, detailing the progress on new features and bug fixes can be found here.
This is a zero-install distribution. Simply unpack it somewhere on your harddisk and start it:
  • Linux: start bin/
  • Windows: start bin/gvSIG.bat
  • Mac OS X: double-click the App folder
Please report your findings to our users mailing list.
The gvSIG Community Edition project team.

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